Conservative dentistry and prevention Composite fillings

Composite fillings

Composite fillings or white fillings are used to reconstruct teeth, or to fill a cavity after removing caries or a cracked tooth. It is not necessary to file the healthy part of the tooth when placing the composite filling, so the tooth damage is reduced to a minimum. The bonding strength of composite fillings has a higher strength than the tooth itself, thus preventing tooth fracture.

In Dental Studio Flegar we have been working exclusively with aesthetic composite fillings from the materials of top-notch manufacturers since 1995. The combination of numerous years of experience with composite materials, which had already begun in the final years of Dr Flegar’s studies (master’s thesis in the field of composite materials), and almost one hundred percent success in composite filling procedures, help us to fight patients' misconceptions that “amalgam fillings are stronger than white fillings” and “that teeth hurt under white fillings”?! Amalgam fillings are no longer up to current standards and it is not even necessary to state why they are not used in our office.