Implantology Implants


Dental implants are screws made from titanium that are inserted into a patient’s jaw. Their surfaces are modified using different methods such as bombardment with ions of different gases or calcium ions. All these modifications enable better attachment of an implant to the bone. Modern implants made by renowned manufacturers, the only ones we use, have different shaped components which enable them to attach to the bone properly, i.e. they enable a SUCCESSFUL IMPLANT PROCEDURE. Each implant has a serial number and declaration which the patient receives after the procedure.

Implant procedures sometimes require so-called bone augmentation or GRAFTING. An implant can almost always be inserted by choosing a grafting technique that is deemed the best and safest for the patient. We use all known augmentation methods, but we specialise and are certified in the application of patients’ plasma with preserved growth factors and growth hormones as the best and most natural material.

Computer software for planning implant procedures, top quality implants, knowledge, responsibility, applying all implant and augmentation techniques and protocols, cutting-edge biotechnology scientifically based on over 1500 scientific articles, modern equipment, twenty years of experience, continuous training and education of implantologists, and close collaboration with the Biotechnology Institute are all prerequisites for successful handling of the most complex cases.

Implants are a state of the art solution whether for a single tooth or completely toothless jaws, which replace the root of a natural tooth.