Implantology Teeth in a single day (“All on 4, All on 6”)

Teeth in a single day (“All on 4, All on 6”)

This is a system based on placing either four or six implants in the upper or lower jaw which help to fixate a so-called hybrid bridge with the use of special additions and cylinders. It is done the same day or within 36 hours of implant placement. Using this system makes it possible to avoid anatomical structures that usually hinder the placement of implants, i.e. to place implants without any major sinus lift procedures or bone grafting.

  • The patient arrives at the office the morning of the procedure and is given local anaesthesia. Conscious sedation, which helps patients endure a multiple-hour procedure, is occasionally used.
  • After the patient has been given the anaesthetic, implants are placed. The primary stability of the implant, which enables immediate loading, is of high importance during implant placement.
  • After placing the implants, special abutments are placed onto them that provide the best transmission of force onto freshly placed implants and fixing of the future hybrid bridge with screws. The mucosa is then stitched and the patient’s dental impression is immediately made.
  • The patient visits the office several times that day for various phases of the prosthetic procedure, the so-called screw-retained hybrid bridge prototype, temporary screw-retained prosthetics which the patient will have for the following 3-6 months. The final screw-retained prosthetics are made after the osseointegration period. The abutment is sealed with composite material and is seamlessly blended into the prosthetics.

With permanent procedures, more attention is paid to the aesthetics and full loading of, now, osseointegrated implants. A benefit for patients is that during permanent prosthesis fabrication they have a temporary prosthesis which is removed and secured again during each phase of the permanent prosthesis fabrication to ensure normal function.

Permanent prostheses can be made out of metal-ceramic, zirconia ceramic or a composite material, as well as with the CAD-CAM system by using the same materials.

There are multiple advantages to such procedures. For the patients the most important thing is that fixed teeth are placed in a toothless jaw in a single day and that there is not a 3-6 month waiting period, as is the case with the “classic” implantology.

Finally, this is a state-of-the-art, high-tech procedure that enables us to achieve great aesthetic and functional results in a very short period of around twelve hours.

With highly sophisticated procedures such as CBCT imagery, procedure planning software, modern equipment, verified implant systems, application of all additionally acquired knowledge and techniques, and cooperation with an educated dental technician, replacing teeth with secured high quality prosthetics with excellent functional and aesthetic results is no longer a fantasy.