Oral surgery Surgical cyst removal

Surgical cyst removal

A cyst is a pathological lesion, i.e. a cavity lined with tissue and filled with fluids.

The two most common types of cysts are:

  • Follicular cysts
  • Cysts formed on the tip of the dental root

Follicular cysts usually form around a maxillary canine tooth or wisdom tooth that has not yet erupted. Symptoms of this type of cyst usually do not manifest and are visible only on X-ray images.

The most common cause of a cyst formed on the tip of the dental root is a chronic pulp infection caused by an untreated cavity.

Possible indicators that a cyst has formed:

  • Tooth discolouration
  • Large carious lesions
  • Pain, redness and swelling
  • Bone protrusion above the tooth

Postoperative recovery includes:

  • Taking prescribed antibiotics and analgesics
  • Avoiding chewing in the location of the procedure
  • Placing a cold compress on the cheek in order to prevent or decrease swelling
  • Eating softer foods, ice cream and yogurt
  • Avoiding hot foods and beverages
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking during the following 12 hours