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Teeth whitening

Natural wear of dental enamel, genetic predisposition, and certain nutritional and lifestyle habits can significantly affect the whiteness and appearance of teeth. The main external factors that negatively affect teeth colour are cigarettes, red wine, coffee, coloured sodas and teas, and certain drugs.

Teeth whitening is a procedure where, with the application of certain chemical agents, the colour of the teeth can be significantly brightened. The teeth whitening process makes the patients very happy, as the results are visible immediately and are long-lasting. The procedure takes about half an hour and is completely painless.

It is recommended to undergo a dental cleaning procedure prior to teeth whitening to make the end result as effective as possible.

Which technology do we use for teeth whitening?

We only use certified chemical products of the highest quality, the effects of which are enhanced by the use of an LED light. The advantage of LED light, compared to other light sources, is that LED light does not heat the dental pulp (dental nerve), so sensitivity to the cold is minimized as much as possible.

The latest teeth whitening method with an A.R.C. diode laser, which we also possess, provides almost unbelievable results. However, teeth sensitivity after the procedure is possible when using this method.

During a period of two weeks after teeth whitening it is desirable to be careful about the external factors that negatively affect tooth colour such as smoking cigarettes and intake of coffee, red wine, tea, tomatoes, and other foods that colour the enamel.

The strength of teeth whitening depends on each individual patient, as well as the number of treatments required. Sometimes only one treatment is sufficient, while in certain situations, procedure repetition is necessary. Brighter yellow and brown tones make it easier to whiten and acquire the desired shade than blue and grey tones.

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