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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth or the remainder of a tooth from its alveolus. A tooth is extracted only when it is impossible to save it with any type of treatment.

Possible reasons for tooth extraction:

  • Teeth with great crown damage
  • Loose teeth, i.e. advanced periodontal disease
  • Teeth with a vertically fractured root
  • Impacted and retained teeth
  • Orthodontic reasons

In our office we use a microsurgical approach and modern technology for tooth extraction, which reduces bone trauma and minimizes unpleasant postoperative side effects.

It is important to follow specific doctor’s instructions after a tooth extraction so that your wound heals properly.

Because of bleeding, which is a normal side effect after tooth extraction, a patient has to hold a sterile dental gauze for 20 minutes. We recommend placing a cold compress on the cheek in order to prevent or decrease swelling and avoiding consumption of hot foods, drinks, and alcohol. It is also necessary to avoid mouth rinsing in the next 24 hours and touching the wound and smoking in the next 12 hours because smoking irritates the wound and causes bleeding. We recommend consuming yogurt, ice cream, and liquid and softer foods.

Tooth extraction is performed under local anaesthesia and is completely painless.