Prosthetics Protecitve and athletic mouthguards

Protecitve and athletic mouthguards

Injuries of the masticatory system often occur with athletes and may cause a more or less complicated injury of the orofacial region, which is why precautions have to be taken in order to prevent them from happening. The frequency and type of injury depend on the sport, while the most affected age group is that between 12 and 30.

Types of injuries:

  • Hard tooth tissue injuries
  • Dental pulp injuries
  • Alveolar extension injuries
  • Injuries of the gingiva and the oral mucosa
  • Injuries of the periodontal tissues

Mouthguards are the safest way to protect teeth and the soft tissue of the pulp cavity. Mouthguards are made for each individual patient based on their dental impression. This ensures that the mouthguard aligns perfectly with the patient’s teeth, which also accomplishes an even force distribution on all chewing surfaces when taking a hit to the teeth.