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Patient testimonials

In Dr Flegar’s office, even the biggest and most complicated procedure is easy. He has a still and confident hand and works with maximum expedition – a recommendation to everyone who has thought that going to the dentist requires mental preparation for the suppression of fear.


I used dermal fillers before in order to remove wrinkles on my face. I wanted to try the method of rejuvenation with my own plasma and I am delighted with the end result. My wrinkles are permanently erased, and the skin on my face has gotten a much younger and fresher look.


I had ugly front teeth and it bothered me for a very long time, but I did not know how to solve this problem. Dr Flegar proposed the use of non-metal ceramic crowns. The crowns were finished in two days and now I can smile without a second thought.


Implant placement right after tooth removal and tooth placement onto the implant made it possible for me to solve my problem in the shortest time possible. I was terribly afraid of the surgery. However, a conversation with Dr Flegar in which he explained the procedure completely calmed me down. I am extremely pleased with the surgery. I did not have any pain or complications, it was just as Dr Flegar told me it would be. Thank you!