Implantology Immediate implantation and loading

Immediate implantation and loading

Sometimes it is possible to place an implant immediately after a tooth has been extracted. This shortens the period between tooth extraction and a possible implantation in the same location, which significantly decreases the duration of the entire treatment. This requires certain prerequisites, such as an atraumatic tooth extraction so that the bone can remain preserved, enough of the “healthy” bone in the implantation location, and an anatomically satisfying situation.

Modern diagnostic methods such as CBCT imagery and implant procedure planning software, modern equipment and technology, including the PRGF-Endoret® biotechnology, continuous professional development, and great experience are of great help to us during such procedures and lead to predictable and successful final results.

It is also sometimes possible to immediately load a freshly placed implant. Such procedures are usually applied in the aesthetic part of the oral cavity when it is unacceptable for a patient to be toothless during the entire implant healing period. Special techniques (“socket shield”) and suprastructures (“abutments”), which enable excellent aesthetic results immediately after the implant procedure, as well as the proper transmission of force onto freshly placed implants are applied so that the implant-prosthetics treatment can be successful.